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Hardwood and Softwood Logs

We offer good quality, well seasoned firewood direct to your home or business for open fires and log burners.

All our firewood is a by-product from our tree surgery and woodland management work making it a very sustainable and carbon friendly alternative for heating your home.

The timber is kept for a minimum of 18 months to air dry in our new breathable dumpy bags. This reduces the moisture to approx 25% to give the logs a high calorific value and also reduces the sooting up of chimneys.

Log lengths are available from 9 1/2″ up to 15″ and are delivered free of charge in dumpy bags or by the LWB Transit tipper-van load.

Timber Value

Timber heat values

Where to Purchase

We now sell firewood direct! Please email us at info@derwentcharcoal.co.uk or call 01768775288 / 07763311030 for more information or with any trade enquiries.